Jon Lee

website guide

Computer setup

You will download a copy of your website onto your computer. You make your changes locally, and then publish them when you’re ready.

Install two applications

Download GitHub Desktop and Sublime Text 4:

  1. Sublime Text 4 is a code editor. It is the app you will use to edit your website.
  2. GitHub Desktop provides an easier-to-use UI to let you publish changes to the internet.

Download your website

The next steps only make sense once I’ve set up your website on GitHub.

  1. Log in to GitHub Desktop.
  2. Clone the repository. You’ll need to decide where you want your website to live on your computer.

Your website is essentially a folder full of files, called a repository. GitHub keeps track of any changes made to that folder, so it’s easy to keep track of who changed what when, and revert any mistakes.

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