Jon Lee

website guide

Account setup

You’ll need an account with each of the following services:

  1. A service that hosts your website. When you work with me, that typically means creating an account on In special cases we might continue to use your existing Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly site.
    • When you create your GitHub account, pick a password you don’t mind sharing with me, as I will need to access your account to set up the project.
  2. A domain registrar. Register your domain through It costs around $10 per year to renew your domain. This will be the only recurring cost for your website.

    If you already have an old website that we’re updating, then I suggest transferring your domain to Porkbun.

If we plan on adding a contact from your site, you’ll also need an account with:

  1. A contact form submission service. Some website owners may choose to list their email address directly, but I suggest not doing this to avoid having bots or other trackers glean your contact info from your website and then spamming you. I suggest signing up with
    • Initially you’ll need to share your account password with me so that I can set up the contact form.

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