Jon Lee



Programming Schumann’s Études symphoniques

Manuscript notes of Schumann's op. 13

Manuscript sketch of Schumann’s op. 13, cached from the Yale music library

Most of the studies in Schumann’s Études symphoniques, op. 13, are variations on a theme. Taking a page from Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations op. 120, the theme serves more as inspiration than template from which Schumann composed his variations.

Programming considerations

I submitted a list of pieces that I had performed or competed with since high school. We went through the list by period and considered ways to fill in gaps.

Back to some drawing board

I decided it was time to return to lessons.

To start, I played through most of the Beethoven op. 101 sonata. After a concert of trio repertoire, I had spent little time on solo works, and hoped that I would play something from that program. Instead I improvised this performance.

Jalbert Piano Trio no. 1

Program Notes

Raised in northern Vermont, Pierre Jalbert (b. 1967) studied piano and composition at Oberlin Conservatory, and was a student of the George Crumb at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his doctorate in composition. He employs a wide gamut of available harmonies in his compositions, and creates vivid timbres with a pulse, which are on full display in this trio.