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Working Remote: Piano Rehearsal Rooms

Piano in a room

When I take longer trips I also look to see if the area has any places with practice rooms available for rent. As I discover more places I hope to keep this guide current. I’d also be interested in hearing about places you’re aware of, so comment below! (And smash that subscribe button, by signing up for my mailing list.)

Greater Boston area (Boston, Cambridge, Somerville)

Cambridge Music Consortium
315 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
6 rooms
$28–43 per hour


  • Kawai G-1 baby grand
  • Yamaha U-2 upright
  • Yamaha GP-1 grand
  • Yamaha P-22 upright
Somerville Music Spaces
1060 Broadway Suite C101B
Somerville, MA 02144
5 rooms
$25–80 per hour


  • Boston GP-163 grand
  • Kawai KS2-F upright
  • Yamaha C-2 grand
  • Yamaha P-22 upright
  • Steinway B grand
Amy Dancz Voice Studio
333 Washington St, Suite 212
Boston, MA 02108
3 rooms
$25 per hour, 90-minute minimum


  • Young Chang grand
  • Baldwin baby grand
  • Kawai upright
The building is closed on Sundays and Federal Holidays. The building has a policy of “in by 7 pm, out by 8 pm” for closing each night.
Boston University College of Fine Arts
855 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
$50–100 per hour
Call to see if rooms are available. They were unavailable due to COVID.

Washington, District of Columbia

Personal Studio of Peter Moll
2 miles from Courthouse Metro
Arlington, VA
Inquire for rates


  • 2001 Bösendorfer 225 (7'4")
  • 2018 Mason & Hamlin BB (7')

San Diego, California

La Jolla Piano Institute
7580 Fay Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
3 rooms
Inquire, around $20–30 per hour


  • 2 uprights
  • 1 upright
  • 1 upright
Greene Music
7480 Miramar Road
San Diego, CA 92126
1 room
$200+ per hour


  • 1 grand (recital hall)
Individual hosts near La Jolla
La Jolla, CA
Inquire for rates


  • Kawai grand
  • Steinway D grand
  • Steinway M grand
  • 2 grands
You’ll be introduced to hosts upon participation in the Amateur Competition.
  • Updates:
  • 07 Jul 2024 — Updated rates; added Somerville Music Spaces

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