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Corea Addendum

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Inspired by Bartók’s Mikrokosmos, Chick Corea’s 1984 solo album Children’s Songs comprised of simple songs which evoked that of children’s music, but showcased Corea’s skills as a composer and performer capable of depth and interpretive contrast. The album concludes with Addendum, an aptly-named piece written for piano trio which the composer recorded with Ida Kavafian on violin (who later serves a term in the Beaux Arts Trio) and Fred Sherry on cello (co-founder of the Tashi Quartet).

The piece begins with a light syncopated rhythm and an airy melody. Its whimsy disguises complex polyrhythm in the piece. Although written in 3/4 time, the rhythm implies 3/2. After the introduction of the first melodic phrase, the cello introduces a syncopated rhythm of its own which generally lands on the beats the first rhythm omits. This rhythmic conflict drives the piece as the instruments weave between acting as separate melodic strands and playing together as a unified whole.

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