Jon Lee

website guide

Making changes

  1. Open the Sublime Text app and set up a project window.
    1. Command-N to create a new window in Sublime Text
    2. In Finder, go to the repository directory greermuldowney-com/
    3. Drag the folder icon in the title bar of the Finder window, into the Sublime Text window. A sidebar containing the project folder and the entire directory structure should appear.

Run the local server to preview your changes

If you’ve set up your computer to preview your website, you can run a local server to see your changes before you commit them.

  1. Open Terminal.
    1. Type in cd (with the extra space at the end)
    2. Drag the folder icon in the title bar of the Finder window, into the Terminal window. The full path to the project folder should appear.
    3. Press Enter.
    4. Type in asdf exec bundle exec jekyll serve
    5. You should see output similar to this:
              Configuration file: /Volumes/Projects/greermuldowney-com/_config.yml
                  Source: /Volumes/Projects/greermuldowney-com
             Destination: /Volumes/Projects/greermuldowney-com/_site
       Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
             Jekyll Feed: Generating feed for posts
                          done in 1.135 seconds.
       Auto-regeneration: enabled for '/Volumes/Projects/greermuldowney-com'
          Server address:
    6. In your web browser, load You should see the website.

Update your local repository with the latest files from GitHub

How to make changes

If the changes look good, it’s time to commit it to your local repository.

When you’re done with editing the website

  1. In Terminal, Control-C to stop the local web server.
  2. Quit Terminal, Sublime Text, GitHub Desktop.

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